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You have just started diving or about to start. A voice inside you is telling you that this is your calling in life. You want to become a PADI Instructor and live the Scuba Diving Lifestyle. But you don’t know where to start or even if this is possible…

It is possible with our Zero2Hero Program. We give you all the necessary training and the practical experience opportunities under the umbrealla of a single training program. Whatever your current diver level is, you can join this program to fulfill your dreams and become a PADI Instructor in the shortest amount of time. You can complete this program in one shot, or you could extend it over a period of time.

Zero2Hero Program Details:

  1. Experience Dives – You will have ample opportunity to do fun dives in between these courses to gain experience (40 dive package)

  2. Divemaster Internship Program – 4 weeks

  3. PADI Instructor Course (OWSI) – 7 days.

You can complete this exciting journey in 2,5 months.

Contact us to discuss how you can get started.


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