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Günlük Dalış


With more than 20 dive sites, Kaş is a complete paradise for certified divers as well as beginners.  In addition to diving along with the so-called “Big 5” aquatic animals (Grouper, Caretta, Moray Eel, Jackfish and Octopus), you will also experience diving in and around a variety of wrecks (airplanes, shipwrecks and even a tank!), see thousands of years old amphoras from ancient times, wall dives, cavern dives and much more in Kaş… There is a common element in all of these different dive sites: Excellent Visibility most of the year (40 meters!). 


We depart at 09:30 every morning on our 36-passenger capacity dive boat for the first dives of the day. After the first dives, we change location to another dive site for the second dives. We return to Kaş around 1-2pm. You will have chance to taste the complimentary world-renowned black tea of our Captain in between the dives. Certified divers usually prefer to join us for the two dives in this morning session. 

We depart again at 3pm, we go to another site, do a single dive and come back to Kaş around 5pm. Our afternoon dives are usually preferred by Try Divers who will have their first experience underwater. Of course, our certified diver friends who wants to join us for the afternoon dives are always welcome. 

We visit some of the more popular dive sites several times a week (ie Canyon Dive spot) but we also make sure that we periodically visit the lesser known dive sites as well (ie Sarıot island etc). We decide which dive sites to visit in the morning before we leave the harbor. Most of the time, we determine which sites to go to according to the requests of our diver firends; however, sometimes the weather/sea conditions make us choose the most appropriate spots for that day. But regardless of the dive site selection, we can assure you that you will have memorable diving experiences with us.

Our daily diving package price includes 2 dives and the complimentary tea/snacks on the boat. If you want to dive with us for more than 1 day, you can consider purchasing one of our Multi-day packages.


If you haven’t dived for a while, we recommend that you do your first dive as a Refresh Dive or attend the PADI Re-Activate program.

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