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Re-Activate Program


Let's do the right thing! If you haven't dived for a long time, let's start with a Refresher Dive.

It may have been a long time since your last dive; You may not be able to remember certain things properly. It can be a very good idea to start with a Refresher Dive.


The PADI ReActivate ™ program creates a unique opportunity to refresh the knowledge and skills you have learned in the Open Water course before entering the water for diving. With its flexible program structure, ReActivate ™ allows you to go over what you, need as much as you need: you can go over just the basic 1-2 skills or topics, if you want, or all skills more comprehensively.


After briefly going over the basic information in the digital document to be sent to you by your instructor, you will be in the water with your instructor or divemaster and you will be able to repeat the skills you desire. The biggest advantage of ReActivate ™ is that when you complete the program, you will be given a new card by PADI with the date of your new update *. In this way, everybody will see that you have refreshed your skills in the places where you go diving and they will be able to have you dive immediately without any question marks in their minds.


If you do not wish to participate in the PADI ReActivate ™ program, you can also do a Refresh dive where you can repeat the standard basic skills underwater with your instructor.


If you haven't dived in a while, call us to book one of the above programs or tell your instructor when you come to our boat.


(*) Your PADI training cards do not have an expiry date, you can continue to use them indefinitely. Participation in the PADI ReActivate ™ program is also not mandatory, but experience has shown us that participating in this program will make your dives much safer and more comfortable.


When you use ReActivate ™ elearning (for tablets and phones) or ReActivate ™ Online (for computers), you will find yourself in different dive scenarios and test your proficiency level in dive safety, dive planning principles and problem management.


You will then go into the water with your instructor and, after a few basic safe diving skills, you will go over the skills you would demand to repeat. In the Standard Refresher Dive program, you will not do any theoretical work and you will repeat the basic Scuba skills with your instructor.

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