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Dive Against Debris Survey Dive – May 18, 2021

Our seas are rapidly getting polluted. As divers, we are constantly in search of what we can do in our region. However, we do not neglect to continue the Underwater Cleaning of Kaş Area, which we have been doing for years.

Several times a year, we take time for ourselves and dive as a team to a dive point that we have previously scouted. Provided, of course, that we have the necessary equipment with us. In these dives, our customers from time to time accompany us and they also become partners in our effort.

We have difficulty believing the amount of garbage and wastes we take out underwater. Most of the time, we document these cleaning projects with photographs and video recordings. In addition, we enter a page in the central database of Project AWARE, a global NGO, and record the details and results of our work there: we separate the garbage and waste we collect, weigh them and record them one by one. This work then appears as a page in the global database - with the names of all our diver friends who participated and contributed to this study.

When these global studies made by hundreds of diving centers and thousands of environmental volunteers like us are collected under a single database, the seriousness of the problem we are facing becomes very clear.

There is a critical point that we want to underline here: In order for the results of these cleanup projects carried out by different people all over the world to make sense, everyone should enter data in accordance with the same standard. Here, PADI's Dive Against Debris Specialty program teaches participants to use the right methods.

You do not need to attend his course in order to take part in our Underwater Cleaning projects. But we strongly recommend that you complete this specialty course to do the job properly.

We have completed a Dive Against Debris project in Kaş on May 18, 2021. We made a dive at the Lighthouse Reef / Fener dive site that lasted 55 minutes. We have collected 127 kgs of debris from underwater. The results of our survey have been published on Project AWARE's central Dive Against Debris database:

Please contact us if you would like to participate in our next Dive Against Debris study: 0 533 962 5375.

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