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You have decided to take the first step in becoming a PADI Professional and attended the Divemaster course. You have either recently completed this course or just starting… You have taken your academic/theoretic knowledge to the highest level. However, do you really feel comfortable about your practical skills? Do you feel ready to work as a PADI Divemaster in the real world? Or do you need more practice?

We have just the right opportunity to sharpen your practical skills, gain experience and learn ‘’real life’’ skills that you have not learnt during your DM course: The DiveMaster Internship Program. After you earn your DM degree, you join the Nautilus team to increase your practical skills and also gain new knowledge about the practical aspects of a dive center operation. Basically, you will:

  • Increase your skills and experience as a dive leader

  • Assist the PADI Instructors in their courses

  • Learn how things are handled in the backstage of a dive center (tank filling, boat handling, repair and maintenance of the equipment, customer service etc)

80% of the participants of this internship program do attend the PADI Instructor or Assistant Instructor (AI) courses within one year. If you aspire to become a PADI Instructor, you should attend this internship program.

DiveMaster Internship Programs:

DMI – 2 : You will take your skills and experience to the highest level after attending this 2 week program.

DMI – 4 : In this 4 week program, you will learn many new things about the PADI system and feel much more comfortable in your journey towards becoming a PADI Instructor. Also, you will have considerable advantages in your IDC or AI programs if you decide to attend a Professional level courses at Nautilus within one year of completing this internship program.

Contact us to enroll in one of the DM Internship Programs.


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