One of the few small, cozy diving and fishing towns left in the Mediterranean… It was called Antiphellos in the ancient times where it served as one of the major cities of the Lycian civilization. It is probably the best diving spot in the whole of the Mediterranean area. But what makes Kaş to compete with the other great diving destinations in the world is its “above-water” attractions…
Nearby excursions?

You can have a half-day break from your diving schedule to visit the Greek Meis island right across from Kaş with a 30 minute ferry ride. Alternatively, you can visit the sunken city in Kekova, the Saklikent gorge, Patara beach, ancient ruins of Xanthos, Tlos, Aperlai, or Demre the birth place of Santa Claus.

What to do?

If you prefer to spend your off day in and around Kaş, then you can choose from a list of many activities… You can try paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoe,rafting, cannoning or trekking; visit the Lycian King Tombs, the antic theatre, have a hike on the famous Lycian Trail spanning for 500 km’s from Fethiye to Antalya. You can visit the local farmers’ market on Fridays to find local produce and handcrafts. Kaş has many restaurants where you can taste fresh seafood along with the local dishes and a vivid nightlife with a variety of bars and night clubs.


When to come?

Kaş has many things to offer all around the year. However, the best season for diving is either April-May or October-November for experiencing the tranquil environment of Kaş or the summer months where it gets more populated with divers from all around the globe and the water temperature reaches 29-30 degrees centigrade.

How to get there?

You could take the shuttle service from either the Dalaman or Antalya airports, either of which takes about 2 hours.

Where to stay?

There are many options for accommodation in Kaş according to your preference and budget: campgrounds to modest guest houses to luxurious hotels...

If you would like us to assist you find the right place to stay, you can contact us at nautilusdiving@hotmail.com 

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