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How much time do I need for the DSD experience and how many dives will I do?

You could either do one or two dives. The first dive will be down to a maximum of 5 meters depth and you will spend about 30 minutes underwater; the second dive will be down to 12 meters!

Will I be accompanied by an instructor? What will the instructor teach me?

Yes, both dives will be under the direct supervision of an experienced instructor. He/she will give you a short briefing covering:

• Underwater breathing and equalization techniques

• The features and functions of the Scuba equipment

• Hand signals

• Regulator ve mask clearing techniques

• Proper etiquette in the undewater environment

• The importance of watching and staying close to your instructor during the divesi

• The limits of the DSD program and the value of further education

Then, during the first dive, he will show you and ask you to repeat the following basic scuba skills:

• Setting up the Scuba equipment before the dive

• Breathing underwater

• Regulator clearing

• Regulator recovery

• Mask clearing

• Ear equalization techniques

• Inflating and deflating the BCD on the surface

You will have a chance, in your second dive, to repeat the skills listed above - but most importantly you will have a real scuba diving experience.

Why is the PADI DSD program better than the Try Dive experience?

You will have a chance to experience the undewater environment during Try Dive too. But you will get a much richer experience in the DSD program:

- You could do one or two dives - it is upto you

- In your first dive, you will be limited to a depth of only 5 meters; just like in the Try Dive program. But in your second dive you can go down to 12 meters with your instructor.

- Try Dive experience is limited to 20 minutes max. In the PADI DSD program, you will spend considerably more time underwater

- You will learn and have a chance to use the basic scuba skills in the PADI DSD program; which will provide you with a much deeper and more enjoyable experience.

- You will receive a participation certificate and you could attend the PADI Open Water course in the next 12 months at Nautilus just by presenting us this certificate and you will be credited for the dives you have done in the DSD program - which means you can complete the Open Water course in 3 days as opposed to 4 days and pay a reduced fee.

I have participated in the DSD program, now what?

If you have enjoyed your DSD experience, the next step is to enroll in the PADI Open Water course and become a certified diver. You can start the Open Water course immediately or within 12 months. You will be credited for the dives you have completed so you can finish the Open Water course in 3 days as opposed to 4 days and enjoy the special price discount.

What time do I have to come?

We meet at the boat in the harbour at 9:30 am for the morning dive and 2:30pm for the afternoon dive everyday. You could choose to come for either or both of the dives.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we prefer that you let us know when you'll be coming ahead of time, so that we can prepare your equipment for you. You cna reach us at or +90-533-962-5375.

What shall I bring with me?

Nothing - other than your swim suit and your towel. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

I want my buddies to come along but they will not dive!

Of course they can come too. While you are diving, they can enjoy the sun and the sea on our comfortable boat. However, please note that although very rarely, sometimes our boat gets crowded and we have to limit the number of non-divers on board. Therefore, please contact us ahead of time to secure a spot on the boat for your non-diver friends. Also, please note that we are a baby/child friendly boat.

How deep shall I dive?

According to the regulations set by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, the maximum depth allowed during a discovery dive is 5 meters.

Is scuba diving safe?

Of course... We, at Nautilus, have introduced many thousands of people to the beauties of the underwater world since 1997. We are an officially registered Dive Center which is subject to the rules and regulations of TSSF (Turkish Underwater Sports Federation).

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

No, you don't have to be a good swimmer. An instructor will be with you all your training.

Will you take my photos underwater?

Yes, please let us know if you want to have photos & short video taken underwater.

Can anyone dive?

Anyone older than 14 years of age and who doesn't have any major health problems can dive - regardless of their age.

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