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Try Scuba Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I have to come?

We meet at the boat in the harbour at 9:30 am for the morning dive and 2:30pm for the afternoon dive everyday. You could choose to come for either or both of the dives.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, we prefer that you let us know when you'll be coming ahead of time, so that we can prepare your equipment for you. You cna reach us at or +90-533-962-5375.

How long it will take?

You will be spending around 20 minutes underwater, but the whole trip will take about 3 hours.

I do not have time!

This is no excuse! All you need is 3 hours. You will be enjoying the cool, blue waters where the searing hot sun is burning the streets and beaches of Kaş.

What shall I bring with me?

Nothing - other than your swim suit and your towel. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

I want my buddies to come along but they will not dive!

Of course they can come too. While you are diving, they can enjoy the sun and the sea on our comfortable boat. However, please note that although very rarely, sometimes our boat gets crowded and we have to limit the number of non-divers on board. Therefore, please contact us ahead of time to secure a spot on the boat for your non-diver friends. Also, please note that we are a baby/child friendly boat.

Will I dive alone?

One of our experienced Dive Leaders will be with you on a one-to-one basis throughout your time underwater. You will be suprised how easy it is to communicate with your dive leader using the hand signals he/she will be teaching you before the dive.

How deep shall I dive?

According to the regulations set by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, the maximum depth allowed during a discovery dive is 5 meters.

Is scuba diving safe?

Of course... We, at Nautilus, have introduced many thousands of people to the beauties of the underwater world since 1997. We are an officially registered Dive Center which is subject to the rules and regulations of TSSF (Turkish Underwater Sports Federation).

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

No, you don't have to be a good swimmer. Your instructor who will be alongside you throughout the whole experience will make sure that you will have a safe and comfortable dive by controlling your scuba unit for you during your dive.

I have tried discovery dive before, can I do it again?

Come to Kaş and enjoy your dive with Nautilus this time. Rest assured that this time you will clearly realize what it means to make a safe and enjoyable dive.

Will you take my photos underwater?

Yes, please let us know if you want to have photos & short video taken underwater.

Can anyone dive?

Anyone older than 14 years of age and who doesn't have any major health problems can dive - regardless of their age.

I have done my discovery dive. Now what?

You will be issued a certificate. Then you can attend one of our entry level training programmes and become a certified diver who is entitled to do scuba diving anywhere in the world.

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