With more than 20 diving points, Kas is a complete paradise for certified divers. In addition to the diving points, which are known as "Big 5" of underwater in Kaş, Orfoz, Caretta, Müren, Akya and Octopus, amphoras from ancient times, plane-ship-tank shipwrecks, wall dives, Kanyon, Tunnel, Cave alternatives. and we guarantee that you will enjoy the indispensable clear blue waters of Kaş.

We made some structural adjustments within the scope

of the “New Normal”.

Peace of mind ...

  • We reduced our capacity from 36 to 16 people.

  • We have examined Covid-19 precautions down to the last detail. We have taken all the precautions.

  • We have determined your safes and sunbathing areas according to the social distance rule.

  • Your mask and hygiene materials will always be available on our boat.


Our Daily DIVING TOURS at New Normals.

  • As in many diving centers in the world, we started the DAILY diving tour application within the scope of New Normal. We have included 2 DIVES in our daily diving tour price.

  • In the morning, we got out of the harbor from 10:00 to 09:30. Our return to the port will be 14:00. In this way, you will have the opportunity to spare time for Kaş's beauties.

  • We devoted the morning session to certified divers only. In this way, we will be able to dive to the most beautiful locations. We will be able to dive more at the spots we go to, such as Sarıot and Gürmenli Island.

  • Due to the capacity regulation, we had to shift the trial dives to the afternoon session.


Don't Forget.

  • Please do not forget to make a reservation considering that our 16-person capacity will be filled very quickly.

  • We have good news for those who miss Ali Kaptan's famous tea. Teas will now be available in disposable paper cups.

  • Our refreshments continue between our dives at 2 different diving points.

  • As TSSF, DAN and PADI suggest, do not forget to bring your own diving equipment, if any, to the boat for personal hygiene.

  • When you come to the boat, we ask you to bring only the necessary items and leave the items you do not need in the accommodation.


We will be happy to welcome you on our boat with our friendly and professional team. Click for Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Daily Diving Tour price is 300TL + Equipment Rental. Click For All Our Prices.

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