Kaş, with more than 20 dive sites within easy reach, offers a rich variety of underwater experiences: we try to dive at different dive sites everyday. If it is your first time diving in Kaş, please tell our staff about your preferences and we will tell you more about the details of the different dive sites such as the Canyon, Flying Fish, Neptun Reef etc. 

In summary, you will be able to experience one or more of the following in one of your dives with us:

  • Antique amphoras, anchors and other artifacts

  • Wrecks: ship, airplane, tank

  • Marine animals: Groupers, Sea Turtles, Moray eels, Jackfish, Octopus, Lion Fish etc

  • Wall or reef dives

  • Drift diving

  • We also almost certainly say that you will have an amazing underwater visibility (sometimes upto 40 meters) in the pristine blue waters of the Kas area.

We do all our dives from our comfortable dive boat Nautilus S.

You can bring along your own scuba gear or you can rent a full equipment set from us at a low price.

We are committed to the PADI and TSSF (Turkish Underwater Sports Federation) standards and the generally accepted safety regulations - and we expect you to adhere to these rules.

Nautilus is a dive center registered with the TSSF (registration number: 679) and a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort. We are being audited annually for compliance with the above mentioned standards.  Please remember to bring along your scuba certification card and your dive log book with you as we can not let anyone without proper certification to dive with us.

The local regulations in Turkey requires that each diver has to sign a Risk Acceptance form before diving so everybody diving with us has to read, acept and sign this form before entering the water.

We regularly check the air quality in our tanks and make sure that our compressor is maintained properly. Likewise, we keep our rental dive equipment in good working order and frequently replacing them with new ones.

We have first aid equipment as well as emergency oxygen on board and all of our instructors and divemasters are trained to handle emergencies and provide first aid.

If you have further questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions. Please click here for current prices.

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